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Genuine Italian lambskin. Made in best tanneries. Soft, medium thin. Perfect for sewing.


Metallic prints

Gold, silver, rose gold, turquoise, and other metallic leather prints - bright, bold, and classic for the shiny details and brave design.

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Embossed leather

Various textures. Snakeskin, crocodile, pebble embossed on quality sheepskin.

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Patent leather

Glossy patent leather is a leather type with lacquer upper layer. 

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Fantasy leather

Bold and beautiful.

Various colors, textures, can include scale pattern and ornamentation, laser cuts.

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Leather sets

Selected leather sheets in beautiful color combinations. Perfect for matching leather jewelry and small projects. Sizes 5x5 & 10x10 inches.



Top-quality sheepskin suede. Rich in color, very soft and pliable. Truly royal material.

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Perforated leather

Fine, laser-cut perforation. Various shapes - round, rectangle, floral.

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Leather prints

Modern leopard printed leather, multi-colored flowers, polka dots, and more quality prints.

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Stretch leather

Stretch type leather is thin, elastic leather with cotton/lycra backing, that allows it to stretch and regain the original shape.

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Leather sheets

Pre-cut quality leather sheets. Choose the dimensions and be sure to get the exact amount for your leather project.


Leather scraps

Leather scrap packs in different color schemes. Choose metallic classic, mixed metallic, and Nappa or specific color quality scrap packs.

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Natural leather - it is modern, sexy and prestige material with endless possibilities to be used by leather designers and craftsmen.
Need a small piece or several bundles?
We offer to supply leather in small and large quantities, starting from 1 skin. 
Custom colors and prints can be ordered, minimum quantity - 20 m2.
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