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Get to know Leather AA

Let's get to know each other! We are Leather AA team that is a leather trade company that focuses on excellent customer service and supply all over the world.

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Our leather is the European Origin of western Europe.Once in two-three months Anna goes to Italy to fill the soul and spirit with new tendencies. Most of the time there Anna spends in the tannery where she works with other employees as well (a tannery is the term for a place where the skins are processed). Founds inspiration and new ideas for next seasons collection. She says: "Italy is like my other home. I love Latvia but I also love Italy, now I even can't imagine that I don't go there once in a while. "

We try to give the best of the best for our customers. That's why Anna herself goes to Italy and chooses skins. Even if needed skin may be colored in color customer wants, but for that contact her personally.

As tradition is a choice, leather is carefully checked to get the best quality results. Using the best and modern technical tanning to produce friendly leather to nature.

ENVIRONMENT is precious and as respect for tradition, we have invested to achieve the requirements for an environment. Standard ensures adequate control about the Health and Safety of Workers and to the earth.

The new collection in two weeks arrives. Unpacking, registration, taking pictures, and only then our beloved Italian premium quality leather is ready for you to make dreams come true! We adore softness and even smell of leather, to touch it is like to feel clouds, it is soft, breathing, warm in winter, refreshing in summer. And how about you? Have YOU already fallen in love with leather?

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