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Guide on Custom Leather Clothing, Bags & Accessories

Leather is a very expensive material. So most of the time people are searching for designers who exclusive for them can provide sewing service for custom made clothing, accessories, or carry on items.

Photo: Anna Kruz Navy Leather Jacket

As a leather supplier we are working with smaller and bigger business owners who provide private and public services to their customers, such as Etsy, Ebay or Exclusive Boutiques.

How to get high quality and long-lasting pieces? Find a leather supplier who is or can provide luxury quality hides and then to find craftsman. Or find a craftsman who has an amazing leather fabric supplier so he can provide you with samples to choose from. You will get the best result and will avoid the chance of disappointment if before making huge investments.

We offer all kind of 100% real Italian leather – lambskin, cowhides, suede, metallic and prints and you can purchase samples for them HERE.

Need a sewer for your dream leather clothing piece? Contact Us!

We have amazing craftsman that are working with us and with our leather. Only the best for You!

With love, Leather AA Team

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